A weekend murder leaves one woman dead and her daughter in critical condition.  Just after 11 a.m. Saturday morning Rockford Police officers were called to a home on 9th Street. near Sandy Hollow Road and 11th Street.  When police arrived they found 42 year old Jennifer Lindsey shot to death.  Her daughter ,identified by family as Katelyn Lindsey,was also shot.  Katelyn’s in critical condition at a local hospital.  Investigators say Abdon Ochoa Villaneda pulled the trigger.  Missouri police arrested him Saturday night near Kansas City after a high-speed chase.  The 37-year-old is charged with first degree murder and attempted murder.
This appears to be another case of domestic violence turning deadly.  Court records indicate Katelyn Lindsey and the suspect have a volatile history together, resulting in her taking legal action to keep Ochoa Villaneda away.

“Domestic violence situations have become more volatile in the last probably 5 to 10 years.” Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Anthony Miceli said.

During 2018 almost a quarter of Rockford murders stemmed from domestic violence.  The murder of Jennifer Linsdey and attempted murder of her daughter, Katelyn, may be the first of 2019.

“Murder wise in this county domestic related, I think there’s a lot of domestic related homicides.” said Lt. Miceli.  “Most are homicides are domestic related.”
Remedies’ Domestic Violence Program Director Becky Winsten adds, “It is far more prevalent than a lot of people realize, but we see it everyday here. People who are struggling with just trying to be safe from a current or former partner.”

Katelyn Lindsey filed an order of protection against Abdon Ochoa Villaneda on February 1st.  The next hearing was scheduled for the 19th.  Before that date came, he allegedly shot Katelyn and her mother and it’s not the first time Ochoa Villaneda has had a restraining order against him.  Another woman filed one in 2015.

“These tendencies didn’t come over night.  It’s probably happened in the past.  Past relationships, past history with police.” explained Lt. Miceli.
“It’s really important not to keep those things a secret and not to hide them because the violence and abuse is most likely to escalate over time.” said Winsten.  “Access to weapons increases the level of danger.”

If you do find yourself in a domestic violence situation, experts say be careful what you post on social media.  Especially when it comes to sharing your location.

“They can also use that technology to track you and harass you and stalk you so it’s important to be careful about use of technology too.” Winsten said. 

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