Video Catches Man Driving Up A Pole


A Rockford Police chase ends in dramatic fashion. The suspect’s car crashed into a utility pole’s support wire and got tangled in the air. It was all caught on a car dealer’s surveillance camera.

“Just like…wow,” said dealer manager Ginger Higgins.

The surveillance video is from Integrity Motor Cars on Sandy Hollow Road. The car  drives up a utility wire as if it was a ramp.The suspect then drops out of the car and appears to throw something away. An officer with his gun drawn runs past him and retrieves it, investigators say it is marijuana.

The suspect then appears to raise his arms, that’s when another officer tackles him to the ground and he’s taken into custody. The car dealer’s manager, Ginger Higgins, says she couldn’t believe her eyes when she checked the surveillance video.

“When you go and watch the video and you see how close he came to that car, it’s like I can only imagine what was going through that person’s mind at that moment. Like wow.”

22-year-old Jose Sirilla was taken into custody. Police say they tried to pull him over for a traffic stop, but, he sped off instead. Investigators say he turned too quickly onto 9th Street from Sandy Hollow. Higgins was at home when it happened, she says she came as soon as she heard about what happened.

“A lot of people watch the car lot for us. So, literally the owner’s phone was blowing up, my phone’s blowing up. Everybody was just like you need to come down to your car lot. Something has happened… Bad.”

Before police could bring down the suspect’s car, Higgins said officers told her to move the cars in her parking lot out of the way.

“It was definitely a struggle. I wanna say it took them probably an hour, an hour and a half, up to two hours max. The more they were trying to get it  to come down, the more it was hooked up on that wire.”

She says she’s used to weird things happening in the area, but this was a first.

“I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that, and I’m pretty sure it’s probably the last because I don’t even think a stunt man could do that on purpose.”

Sirilla remains in custody at the Winnebago County Jail. He faces several charges including aggravated fleeing to elude, resisting a police officer and possession of marijuana.

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