Video: Cows help police nab a car thief who was on the moooove


Police is Seminole, County are saying, “Cowabunga, dudes!” to some cows “hoofing it” for the pursuit of justice.

Sanford Police were pursuing a vehicle with a stolen tag on Sunday with the useful help of some bovine citizens.

The incident was captured on video from the air by Seminole County Sheriff’s Office’s Alert Team, which was helping police.

The suspects crashed a white Subaru SUV, with one suspect bolting from the car, “udderly” unaware she was running into a pasture of cows.

She nearly got her hide tanned as an entire herd gave chase after her, corralling her to where police overhead could tell her direction and catch her.

Sanford Police arrested three people on various charges, including resisting an officer, possession of cocaine, and theft of a stolen vehicle tag.

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