Vietnam Veteran Posts Flags for Comrades in Pecatonica


Five times a year flags are put up along Main Street in Downtown Pecatonica.  However, it’s not the Village putting them up.  It’s one man, Vietnam Veteran Joesph  Musso.  He stopped to visit in another town, they asked him to donate for a flag to a veteran. He then grew inspired with the idea to not just have a flag in remembrance for those who served but to personalize it.

“I asked is my name going to be on it,” said Musso. “They said no. I said ‘Mrs. Johnson can say that flag belongs to her husband’ they said ‘t’s got a number on it’ ‘I said they could still say that,’ So I decided to do it here and put their names on it,” said Musso.

The next time Musso will put the flags up is on the Fourth of July.

To buy a flag for a veteran visit 328 E 9th Street in Pecatonica to fill out a form and write a check to Pecatonica Flags. The Veteran’s name is labeled onto the American Flag.

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