Violent Crime in Rockford Causing Increase in Psychological Trauma


With so many different kinds of trauma, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  That’s why during a trauma summit on Thursday, local political and community leaders discussed six solutions to tackle the issue.

Several community organizations attended the summit to find ways to solve a problem in Rockford, the impact of psychological trauma, resulting from domestic violence and violent crime.

Frank Haney, Winnebago County Chairman said, “When you look at what happens with individuals in communities who don’t deal with trauma well, it plays out and it doesn’t go away.  In fact, it continues and a lot of times gets worse and manifests in a lot of other negative ways.”

Haney spoke about the multitude of issues that can come with poor treatment towards trauma patients.  He also says the fact that Winnebago county consistently gets poor reviews for health outcomes is unacceptable.  Haney believes trauma has also contributed to Rockford’s violent crime problem.

Haney adds, “One of the topics recently; domestic violence, family violence.  You talk about the opioid crisis.  You talk about violent crime.  There’s a lot of different things that can then manifest itself and create trauma for individuals.”

All those different things were outlined by a special guest from the National Center for Trauma-Informed Care, Raul Almazar.  He presented studies showcasing how trauma can have a wide range of bad effects on different individuals.  He says there are six ways to approach trauma informed care that everyone can apply:

Safety, Trustworthiness, Peer Support, Collaboration, Empowerment, and cultural, historical, and gender issues.  With these principles, officials at the Winnebago County Health Department believe that trauma will be able to be not only treated more efficiently, but better dealt with by the entire community.

Dr. Sandra Martell of the Winnebago County Health Department said, “The ability to be able to look at that experience and be able to integrate it into their being, as well as move on from it.  While trauma is something they’ve experienced, it does not necessarily have to define who they become.”

Rockford mayor Tom McNamara also attended the event expressing his concern on how trauma can even effect our own doctors, and also take a big effect on children as well.

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