VIRAL: East Texas woman thanks police


Audio of an East Texas woman who reached out to her local police department to thank them for their protection has gone viral.

The White Oak Police Department released the audio Friday morning. Hours later, the sound has been heard more than 23,000 times and has more than 500 shares

“One of the most common questions we as police officers are asked is why we do it. This is the reason. This is why we know we must continue to do it. This was an actual call taken today here at the White Oak Police Department.”

White Oak PD: White Oak Police Department

Caller: Yes, good morning. Would you just tell our police department thanks for me for keeping our community safe.

WPD: We sure can.

Caller: I’m just so devastated about what happened in Dallas.

WPD: I know it, I know it’s horrible.

Caller: It touched my heart and I know we don’t always say thank you enough, but this morning I want to say thank you.

WPD: I will let the officers know and I really appreciate you for calling and letting them know that.

Caller: Okay and you have a blessed day.

WPD: You, too and God bless you.

Caller: Okay, bye bye.

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