A Facebook post made earlier this week is spreading across the social media site claiming a species of spider new to the U.S. has killed several people across a few states.

The post has nearly 1,000,000 shares, 10,000 comments and 5,200 likes.

It claims that the U.S. government is “working on an anti venom” vaccine to combat the deadly spider.

Snopes has investigated the “viral, scare-mongering” post and determined it to be false. The image used in the Facebook post, which is riddled with grammatical errors, is actually that of a woodlouse spider, which is not new to the United States or harmful to humans.

There is no record or corroboration of the post’s claims that five people have been killed by the spider in southern states. Snopes also found that the original author of the post, Gary Neaderhiser, has made other fake, scare-mongering posts in the past.