Viral video furthers concerns of bullying, even in the Stateline


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Most have seen the heartbreaking video making rounds on social media.

It’s of a little boy crying in his mom’s car after school about being bullied.

The family lives in Australia, but it still hits home in the Stateline.

A local counselor is calling for more efforts towards anti-bullying.

“I don’t think any school’s immune to it in anyway shape or form,” Counselor Julianna Jones said. “I think bullying has become a big issue, in all of the schools, especially the schools in the area.”

Preventing bullying is a collaborative effort.

“I think in order to solve the problem, it’s going to be a collaborative process,” Jones said. “Talk to the schools, talk to the superintendents, talk to the school board. Keep pressing until you can find the voice for your child that your child doesn’t have.”

Another local counselor, Roseanne Oppmann says schools need to listen.

“I think the best thing schools can do is to listen and validate how the student feels, but help the student to learn skills…what are the steps that a student can do to address a situation of bullying,” she said.

Oppmann hosts group counseling sessions for those on the Autism spectrum.

Jones says Stateline Anti-Bullying groups are another way to show kids that they’re not alone.

“They kinda realize, okay there are other people I can talk to about this that understand what I’m going through,” Jones said.

Oppmann said that counselors looking for grants to further their programs can apply here.


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