Visitors from a galaxy far, far away came to the Discovery Center for Star Wars Day


A galaxy far far away is usually the setting where storm troopers and jedis have been going at it for generations.  Instead of another galaxy, the Discovery Center brought the action right here to Rockford, allowing  kids and their parents to get in on the fun for Star Wars Day.  The event brought together Star Wars lovers young and old alike.  Fans of all ages came out to greet them during Star Wars sunday, and needless to say the events brought the franchise to life.

Haley Foster, who volunteers as Princess Leia for the 501st Legion, said, “we love celebrating the fact that people love star wars and we like seeing all the kids just bringing smiles to their faces.”
Costumes and fans filled the Discovery Center. Some came dressed up, while others got to make their own Stormtrooper masks and Yoda ears.

 Ann Marie Walker, Marketing Director at the Discovery Center Museum, said that while many kids come dressed up, the few who don’t come with costumes can have fun making their own while at the Discovery Center.

Kids weren’t the only ones in costume, however. A volunteer group known as the 501st Legion helped bring star wars to life for those in attendance. Walker complimented the 501st, saying “the real stars of the show are the 501st Legion. They’re the midwest garrison so those are customers, and let me tell you, as authentic as authentic can be, those costumes. They’re here to greet kids for photo ops thats pretty exciting for kids and their parents.”

Foster told us the best part of volunteering for events like this is “seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes. We all used to be little and be little Star Wars nerds too so now its very cool to bring it full circle and make other kids smile.”

Other than the fun of dressing up the 501st legion seeks to inspire those they meet and are always looking to fill the ranks whether you side with the empire or the rebels. Foster went on to say,”we would also love to have other people join us and become the TK’s and Biker Scouts and more Princess Leia’s and things like, so we’re always looking for new recruits on the dark side and the light side.”

If you want to join the dark side (or the light side) with the 501st or just learn more about what they do you can go to their website at . To learn more about the Discovery Center’s future events go to

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