Illinois vote by mail expansion moves to House floor


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — The Illinois House Executive Committee passed a bill that aims to expand the state’s vote by mail program.

The bill will now head to the House floor. If it passes there, it will head to the Senate.

If the bill passes through both chambers, then every voter who voted in the 2018 Election, the 2019 Consolidated Election and the 2020 Primary Election would be sent an application for a mail-in ballot.

It will also make election day a holiday for schools.

A separate amendment to the legislation will also lower the age for election judges to 16. That amendment is in the Rules Committee, and will come up on the floor.

Many of the changes that come from the bill only apply to the 2020 General Election in November.

It will also make Election Day a holiday for state government and schools.

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