WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Time is running out for Americans who need healthcare coverage. Enrollment for Affordable Care Act plans ends in just a few days.

“I think we’ve seen so much, over the last couple of years, how important it is to get health insurance,” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure said.

Brooks-LaSure says nearly 14 million people have already signed up for coverage this year.

“Thanks to the increased outreach efforts and the increased subsidies have been able to get coverage,” Brooks-LaSure said.

Brooks-LaSure says it’s clear insurance improves health outcomes.

“To manage our chronic conditions, if we have those, or just in case some unexpected happens, like an accident, you want to have health insurance coverage,” she said.

And with COVID-19 cases surging, Brooks-LaSure points out while vaccinations are free, hospitalizations are not.

“Making sure you can get access to treatments if you get sick,” Brooks-LaSure said.

Brooks-LaSure promises that no matter where Americans live, they can get coverage.

“There are numerous options in almost every county across the country,” she said.

The deadline is Jan. 15, with coverage beginning on Feb. 1.