Columbia threatens to sue Walmart over Christmas sweater


(WTVO) — The Columbian government has threatened to sue Walmart over a Christmas sweater that it says associated the country with cocaine.

The sweater says ‘let it snow’ and includes three white lines.

Part of the description said, quote ‘the best snow comes straight from South America.’ and that ‘Santa really likes to savor the moment when he gets his hands on some quality, grade-a, Colombian snow.’

Walmart said the sweater was sold online in Canada by a third-party vendor and has been removed.

The company said the sweaters do not represent Walmart’s values.

But, Columbian officials say the damage has already been done, and have threatened to sue the U.S. retailer lest it indemnify Columbia for the damage caused by the sweater, according to the El Tiempo.

The National Agency of Legal Defense of the State says it plans to file a legal suit by the end of the week.

“The Walmart jumper is an offence to the country. It generates damage to the legal products of Colombia and damage to the country’s reputation,” said agency director Camilo Gomez-Alzate, El Tiempo reported.

“Although Walmart apologized, the damage was done.”

Gomez-Alzate also wants Walmart to promote legal Columbian products.

“Colombia must be respected,” Gomez said.

“What will the family of a person who died in the fight against drug trafficking feel when a firm like Walmart promotes a bag of cocaine from Colombia?”


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