Health minute: hating broccoli could be genetic


(CNN) — Do certain vegetables make you want to gag? Does just the thought of broccoli make you want to run for the hills?

Turns out, you could be what scientists refer to as “a super taster,” someone with genetic predisposition to taste food differently.

Super-tasters tend to be extremely sensitive to bitterness.

So when they eat certain vegetables like broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts or cabbage, they really taste a lot of sulfur.

It all comes down to variants of the taste receptors that control how we experience bitter and sweet foods.

Turns out 25% of the population is extremely sensitive to bitter foods because of the specific inherited taste receptors in their mouths.

Unfortunately, the veggies that turn those people off the most also tend to be nutritional powerhouses filled with vitamins and fiber.

Food scientists are working on ways to reduce the level of bitterness in these vegetables, so that “super tasters” can still get the benefits they need.


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