Is your cat a psychopath? New study says: probably


(WTVO) — A new study from researchers at the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University surveyed pet owners and found the majority of cats fell under the spectrum of psychopathy based on human standards.

According to News Center Maine, 549 pet owners were surveyed and their psychopath criteria was determined by statements like “my cat vocalises loudly (e.g. meows, yowls) for no apparent reason,” “my cat runs around the house for no apparent reason,” and “my cat does not appear to act guilty after misbehaving.”

The researchers used a “triarchic” concept of psychopathy to make a new cat-centric criteria which determined if they’re psychotic.

Boldness, meanness, and disinhibition were used in the concept.

It was found cats’ levels in the study were high in those measures and researchers also found human-unfriendliness and pet-unfriendliness traits.

Researchers said cats may fall in this spectrum of psychopathy because of their animalistic and wild nature.

You can find out if your cat is a psychopath with the following link.

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