New dog collar swears at you each time your dog barks


Photo: MSCHF

(WTVO) — D owners who are in need of having their dog swear like a sailor can get the new $60 Cuss Collar, which says a swear word each time the dog barks.

The Cuss Collar is currently sold out, but those interested in getting their hands on one can text the number listed on the company’s website.

The manufacturer, MSCHF, says the collar works by fastening the collar around the dog’s neck and translates barks into swear words.

MSCHF is also known for “bath bombs in the shape of a toaster that smell like strawberry Pop-Tarts, a rubber chicken bong, and customized Nike sneakers with Holy Water from the Jordan River in the sole, aptly called Jesus Shoes,” according to WGN.

They also make an extension for Google Chrome called Netflix Hangouts, which lets you watch Netflix at work by making it appear that you’re on a conference call. Or, M-Journal, which transforms Wikipedia articles to look like academic papers.


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