Texas family responds to social media post calling Halloween decorations ‘racist’


LUBBOCK, Texas (KAMC) — A neighborhood group took objection to a Texas family’s front yard Halloween decorations, which depicted a black ghost hanging from a tree surrounded by white ghosts.

The family said they’re in shock following their Halloween decorations being called racist on social media.

The family recently moved to the area in April but knew this year’s Halloween would be different because of the coronavirus. The family said their children enjoy decorating for holidays.

“There’s talk of trick or treating and the possibility of not being able to go house to house or trunk or treat,” the homeowner said.

The family decided they would go all-out for Halloween decorations instead, having just seen the movie ‘Trick or Treat’ their youngest son wanted to put together their own version.

“Went and got them all sheets and broomsticks,” the homeowner said. “We found a black sheet, and he was like ‘Hey, this is going to be the warlock in the front yard! He’s the king of it all!’ I’m all alright, whatever.”

The family said they had the decorations up for several weeks before it was posted on Facebook, calling the decorations racist in the Facebook group L.A.S.E.R.

The family said that was never their intention, just the vision of a 12-year-old boy.

“It was kind of disheartening. I mean, it kind of threw us off,” the homeowner said. “He’s the innocence of so many kids out there. I don’t even think he fathomed that thought.”

The post garnered plenty of attention from those who thought it was racist and others who did not. The post also included the family’s address.

“There were a few people that directed on the post that ‘Hey, let’s just go, let’s go tear it all down. Let’s vandalize the yard,” the homeowner said. ” That’s when we got a little concerned, and we called Lubbock PD.”

The following is a statement from L.A.S.E.R. in response to the post:

“We were made aware that a member in our Facebook group made a post about Halloween decorations depicting a black ghost hanging from a tree surrounded by white ghosts at a home here in Lubbock. This post included the address of the home which is something that we do not allow in our Facebook group, and the post has been removed. Although the post was not made by any board member of the L.A.S.E.R. Organization, we are updating our moderation system so that we can more closely monitor what gets posted in our Facebook group and ensure that something like this does not happen again.Concerning the decorations in question and the surrounding controversy, we feel that this is an opportunity for conversations to be had not only between neighbors in that community but across our entire city. We believe that in order for relations between neighbors in our country to be the best they can be, we should have community environments built around empathy, compassion, and understanding.We are living in extraordinary times and issues surrounding race matters are at the forefront. While this particular family may have meant no ill intent, there are legitimate reasons why many might perceive this display as problematic. If we are dismissive of our neighbors’ sensibilities concerning something that has deeply touched many people’s lives such as the issue of racism, we can create distrust and division wherever we may call home.We hope that these neighbors can have a discussion and come to a mutual understanding between all parties involved.As Lubbock Activists Striving to End Racism, our goal will always be to have a city where all neighborhoods are inclusive and respectful for all citizens.”

L.A.S.E.R. deleted the original post from the group forum.

The family said they are open to having a conversation about why some people may find the decorations offensive.

“We are far from racist,” the homeowner said. “We are a very blended family.”

“Come on by and talk yo us, ‘Hey, this is bothering us.’ Well, why? Maybe let’s change it a little bit, maybe we can adjust it, but I’m not here to please the world and I doubt anybody is,” the homeowner added.


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