Viral video of baby talking to his dad will melt your heart


A scene that most families can relate to with toddlers: lounging on the couch with dad and trying to keep up with what he’s watching. 

Dad then starts talking to his son, who can’t quite talk but is speaking in his own language, responds like he understands. 

The baby asks a question, and then Dad replies:

“Oh no, no, not this one. This is the grand finale of this one,” he says.

The child babbles something that sounds like “this is the last one.”

“Yeah, that’s the last one,” Pryor agrees.

Later, the baby says something else and dad says empahtically:

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!… We think a lot alike.”

The video gathered over 1 million shares on Facebook in just 2 days and has been retweeted nearly 900,000 times.

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