Wisconsin gas for 28 cents draws customers


(CNN) — A price mistake at a Wisconsin gas station had customers flocking to the pumps.

There were so many people at the business that police were called to check on things, and what they found was gas for 28 cents a gallon.

Body camera footage obtained by 12 News shows a Brookfield Police Officer, Monday night, as he responded to suspicious circumstances at a busy gas station on 124th and Burleigh.

The cost of the gas was supposed to cost $2.89 per gallon, but somehow it only cost people 28 cents per gallon to fill up.

According to police, a clerk put in the wrong price before they closed for the night, around nine.

Word spread fast and by the time police got there a couple hours later, at least 100 people took advantage of the cheap gas.

The gas station lost about $3,500, but with prices now back at a more competitive rate, drivers are shelling out quite a bit more cash.

It’s been a while since gas prices were that cheap.

According to The Department of Energy, gas hasn’t been 28 cents since the 1950s.


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