West Middle School calls in exterminators after bed bug found


West Middle School was treated to prevent a possible bed bug infestation after a single creature was found lurking within the school on Friday.

Licensed pest exterminators were called in this weekend to decontaminate the school, in an effort to deal with the threat to public safety posed by the presence of the blood sucking insect.

The insecticide CimeXa was released throughout the building. CimeXa leaves a white sand or powder-like substance on classroom baseboards, hallways, crack and crevices, in addition to staff desk chairs, carpets and some classroom equipment.

In a release to parents, the school said the insecticide has no known side effects if inhaled, and has no environmental hazards.

“The principal notified families on Friday of the treatment plan; we notify families anytime we use a pesticide to treat anything from bees and wasps to weeds,” said a Rockford Public Schools spokesperson.

Parents should check for signs of bed bug bites on their children, according to the release. A bite could be similar to a spider bite or a red welt.

Although they feast upon human blood, bed bugs do not carry or spread disease.

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