For this Edition of Who’s Hiring, we’re focusing on networking for soon-to-be college graduates.

According to CNN Business, even with the job market being on fire, new grads still need to network.

With that said, here are some steps to help new grads network, according to CNN Business.

FIRST TIP, Get your grounding.

Before reaching out to people, take the time to figure out what kind of role, company and industry you are looking to get into, and take stock of your applicable experience and skill sets. This will help you fine tune who to reach out to and what to reference during conversations.

SECOND TIP, Figure out who to reach out to.

Reach out to family, friends, professors, former managers and co-workers to ask them if they know of any opportunities or people in their networks in the roles and industries you are interested in.

You can also search for employees by title, keyword or school on a company’s LinkedIn page to find someone in a role that you’re interested in.

THIRD TIP, Ask for an informational meeting.

Sending an email or LinkedIn message tends to be the easiest way to reach out to people to set up informational interviews but keep it professional.

FOURTH TIP, Make meetings count.

That means making an impression, asking thoughtful questions and learning about the industry, company or position and advancing your job search.

FIFTH TIP, Keep in touch.

Cultivating relationships is a big part of networking. After the meeting, be sure to send a thank you note and follow up with them.