Wings of Wonder Exhibit at Nicholas Conservatory takes flight


The Wings of  Wonder Exhibit is back for its fourth year at the Nicholas conservatory and visitors got the chance to make friends with exotic friendly birds.

People from all parts of the Stateline made their way to the exhibit and Isabell Mcaren is one of them, she says it was a spontaneous decision

“My mom was looking at the paper and she say’s the lorikeets are back!
so we said let’s go there so yeah it was fun for all of us and my daughter’s had not seen them before, so it was really fun for them.”
The colorful birds aren’t your typical tropical birds, they’re home is native to the continent of Australia.

Manager of Education Programs at the Conservatory Lyndi Toohill says, these birds are just as nice in the wild as they are at the exhibit.     

“These birds are super friendly they just love people, in fact even in the wild lorikeets in Australia you can just go out on your porch and put an apple out and they’ll come right to you , they’re just naturally friendly.”

There are nine different species and all  37 of these unique birds are from Australia.
Toohill adds, the birds are kept on a  special diet.
“These birds are a little different from some other bird they can’t eat any seeds or nuts, they pretty much exclusively eat fruit and vegetables.”
Visitors can interact with the birds by feeding them, out of a small container of nectar.
This isn’t Mcaren’s first time at the exhibit and say’s the memories she made the first time she visited brought her back.
“It’s an experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. so it’s fun. where else can you go and have beautiful parrots landing on you and drinking nectar from your hand.

If you plan on visiting the exibit, it might be a good idea to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.  
The Wings of Wonder exibit runs through November 11.

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