Winnebago Citizens Approve School Bond Referendum


Feet ran across Winnebago Middle School’s gym floor Wednesday afternoon as the track team was training for the season. That floor will soon be replaced, as well as the bleachers. The upgrades are something one parent says she’s on board with.

“I think students learn better if they are in a well maintained environment,” said Angelica Bugel, who has five children attending Winnebago Schools.

The improvements are just some of many that the Winnebago School District will soon make after citizens approved a 7.5 million dollar bond referendum during Tuesday’s election. “We now have all the available resources to address all of the high priority items that are on our ‘health, life safety list’,” said Winnebago Schools Superintendent John Schwuchow.

All of the upgrades were suggested by the Illinois State Board of Education after the agency reviewed Winnebago’s facilities.

“These are high priority items that are passed along to us from ISBE that state out areas that we have to accomplish, have to fix,” Schwuchow added. Also in store is re-pavement of sidewalks and blacktops, as well as asbestos removal at the McNair campus.

“A lot of these items tie into the safety of our community members, our students, or any visitors that come into each of the campuses,” Schwuchow said.

“I’m all for it, I’m definitely all for improving the schools for the kids,” Bugel said. She is one of the 65% of voters in favor of the referendum. She says her kids are excited about the upgrades they’ll get to experience.

“We came from some schools that weren’t so great, so I love that Winnebago tries to keep up their schools,” Bugel added. District officials say the referendum will include a 23 cent reduction in taxes after existing bonds were recently paid off. Work on the improvements will be started this summer and are planned to be finished before spring of 2019.

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