Winnebago County Board Chairman Submits Review Critical of County Policies

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New Winnebago County Board Chairman Frank Haney has released a report highly critical of County policies.

In the six-page report, Haney cites several examples of illegal activity happening within Winnebago County, two of which were referred to the State’s Attorney’s Office who then referred it to the U.S. Attorney.

One of those was due to a specific example of “pay-to-play” political extortion.

Another was due to political campaign activities taking place inside the County Administration building. Campaigning inside a tax-funded entity is illegal.

Other issues cited include a nepotism problem. One specific example referred to an elected official hiring five immediate family members to work for the County. In addition, there’s a report of a County executive trading in his county-provided vehicle in exchange for more salary, which would increase the pension liability of the County taxpayer.

There are also allegations of bullying and sexual harassment complaints ignored by elected officials.

Adding to the frustration of a projected multi-million dollar budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2018, the Chairman claims that there is internal confusion between what services the County is permitted to provide, versus what services the County is required by statute to provide. There also is allegedly no established County-wide reporting systems to share cumulative results.

Eyewitness News will be speaking with the Chairman today, and will have more on his scathing review tonight at 5 and 6.

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