Winnebago County Board Considers How To Pay For Court Ordered Expansion


“Low and behold there is a fund, that fund has $731,000 dollars,” said Winnebago County Board member Gary Jury to the Finance Committee Thursday night. Jury suggested a possible solution to a budget dispute between the board and Chief Judge Joseph McGraw.

McGraw sent a letter to the board ordering them to pay five new employees. Of those employees are four juvenile detention officers and a new bailiff, additions made by order of the State Supreme Court.

The board voted against amendments to pay the salaries saying they didn’t have the funds. McGraw now is ordering the funds be released. The board is finding itself searching for a way to solve this issue.

“The fund that they have, that I believe they can use in other ways by moving funds around, that would solve this budgetary problem with the judge,” said Jury.

Jury suggests using the county’s Probation Services Fund, which he says has a balance of more than 700,000 dollars. “It would clear up a lot of bad feelings. We’re not attacking any individual, it’s all about the taxpayer.”

County Board Chairman Frank Haney said during the State of The County Address that he has another plan which might work. He plans to meet with Judge McGraw Friday.

Jury believes both sides need to work together to find a solution. “This would solve a big problem for the taxpayers of this county and we would be working together as a team,” he added.

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