Winnebago County Board Wants To Closely Monitor IT Department


Winnebago County Board Member Eli Nicolosi says the county’s IT Chief Gus Gentner’s excuse that a simple software blunder is why they owe Microsoft $283,000.  The wrong software was installed into several computers, and that was discovered during an audit,

Nicolosi says, “There were IT manager who have called me up and emailed me out of the blue that I don’t know, and they all pretty much said the same thing that the software should have been accounted for, and that Microsoft gives you plenty of notice before even doing the audit.”

He says the board had no idea they were being audited by Microsoft, until they saw the bill.

He adds, “We let the IT department pretty much do their own thing and that was a good thing because we didn’t have any issues. So we’re definitely taking that into consideration, that being said there have been some errors.”

Those errors like the software mistake are costing taxpayers.That’s why Nicolosi is introducing a resolution to give the county board more checks and balances of the IT department.

He says, “I’d like to see you know an audit schedule in terms of our software so this never happens again. Another thing I’d like to see here is quarterly reports.”

Gentner is a private contractor working for the county, and his contract protects him from liability That’s something Nicolosi also wants changed.

He says, “We owe it to the taxpayers to say hey, a mistake was made. We’re doing everything we possibly can to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and we’re holding everyone accountable.”

The county has until Wednesday to pay Microsoft.

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