Winnebago County Coroner Reflects on Her Career


Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fiduccia opens up about her decision to retire after decades of service.

“I think this past year has been a lot of emotions,” said Fiduccia.  “Did I make the right decision?  Is it time?  Yes, I think it is time.”

Fiduccia has served as coroner since 1995 and was re-elected several times over to a career she found appealing from the start.

“You’re giving them the worst news in the world,” said Fiduccia about victims.  “But, you also are helping them start the grieving process and I think that is what’s so important in this office.”

She decided not to run this year and says it didn’t quite sink in until she went to vote and saw a ballot without her name on it.

“That was a little bit hard.”

Fiduccia looks forward to retirement and intends to travel the country.  Still, it remains a bittersweet time.

“I’m looking forward to retirement.  [I’m] going to miss the place [and] going to miss all the families.  But, I am so incredibly honored to have been able to be just a little bit a part of their lives at the worst time of their life that I don’t know how I could ever say ‘thank you’ to all the families that I have been able to serve.”

She’ll be able to connect with the public once again when she walks in the Fourth of July Parade.

“My whole Fourth of July is taken up with parades… I wouldn’t skip that for the world.  I have to say ‘thank you’ to the public for the honor they’ve bestowed upon me for all these years and the fact that I’ve been able to help them just a little bit.  It will be hard walking down State Street knowing this is the last time I’m going to walk down State Street.  But, you know what?  I get to sit on the curb [next year] and watch everybody else walk.”

Fiduccia’s tenure as coroner will officially end this November.  She’s confident that the current staff will continue to provide high quality service to the public.

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