Winnebago County Farm Bureau Warns Motorists to Watch out For Tractors


    Usually, drivers have to be careful when it’s slippery out, but with warmer temperatures, people now have something else to watch out for. Crashes involving farming tractors aren’t all that common but the potential for serious injury is very high when they do happen.

“It’s kind of like how you start to see motorcycles in the summer time, we want people to start seeing farmers in the spring,” said Winnebago County Farm Bureau Agriculture Literacy Coordinator Diane Cleland.

The exact same situation in November 2015. A man rear ended a tractor on US 20 near the Winnebago Corners. The impact ejected the tractor driver. He suffered serious injuries. Cleland says accidents often happen when a driver tries to go around the tractor.

“The farm equipment is really wide so if you need to pass by someone you need to pass by someone you need to slowly and carefully and make sure there’s no oncoming traffic,” said Cleland.

Tractors are legal on all roadways. Cleland advises all drivers to share the road in the coming weeks and keep an eye out for all farm equipment.

“Share the road with the farmers this time of the year. They’re only on the road a few times of the year in the spring and the fall. Always keep a safe distance. Slow down, that’s the most important thing,” said Cleland.

Cleland says she recommends farmers not to travel during times of the day when a lot of cars could be on the road.

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