Winnebago County Sheriff receives grant for new speed trailer


The Winnebago County Sheriff showed off their new speed trailer today, a device equipped with a radar that tells drivers how fast they are going above the speed limit.

Cyclist Darin White said, “I believe that when people are aware the police are around that their behavior changes a little bit differently.”

Miguel Toledo agrees: “I find myself speeding a lot and usually those speed meters will encourage me to slow down.”

The trailer was purchased with a grant from State Farm Insurance, in an effort to reduce traffic accidents.

“They are able to track, through computerization, where our pinch points are and then we’ll strategically locate the trailer there, if not take enforcement action to create that awareness,” said Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana.

“We got a complaint last week and said, ‘once we get this in, we’re going to set it up,'” said Chief Deputy of Patrol, Dominik Barcellona. “It’s Lakewood subdivision in the Kilburn and Riverside area. [You’ll] probably see it next week.”

Caruana said, “You know, in a 30-35 mile-an-hour zone, it’s easy to go 50, and you look down and it’s like, ‘I didn’t realize I was going that fast.'”

“I think it’s easy to go a lot faster than you realize you’re going, and any type of help in realizing what the limit is and how fast you’re going is going to be helpful to every body,” said Darian White of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office.

With more families spending time outdoors in the summer, Caruana hopes the meters will go a long way toward protecting them.

“It’s summer. Kids are out. They [who we want] drivers to be aware [of],” Caruana said. “It slows people down and [that’s where] we need to put our efforts so children do not get hurt.”

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