Winnebago County Sheriff Upset Over Funding


The Winnebago County Sheriff says he’s outraged the County Board denied funding promised to his department.

Sheriff Gary Caruana said he’s been concerned for months this could happen and it did.  Board members on Thursday night approved $500,000 to pay for more deputies.  However, Caruana had requested $843,000.  Caruana says board members told him months ago he’d get additional funding.  With the blessing of the board, he hired more deputies.  Caruana says his department will now be in the red because he has no intention of letting the officers he hired go.

“My job is to make sure I run this department effectively and as efficiently as I possibly can,” said Caruana.  “That’s why I was elected here and that’s the job I’m going to do.  So, they’re not going anywhere.  They’re excellent people.  They’re doing an excellent job and it’s just a shame that it had to come to this.”

Caruana doesn’t think the board’s reversal is personal.  But, he says he’s going to continue to push for the extra cash.

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