Winnebago County Zoning Board To Consider Dog Breeding Proposal


A controversial dog breeding proposal heads back to the Winnebago County Zoning Board of Appeals.

It’s back to square one in the fight over a proposed puppy breeding facility on Auburn Road.  Randall and Deborah Henson’s proposal for a permit was sent back to the Zoning Committee after initially being approved.

“Specifically, for additional testimony to provide clarity of some of the statements that were made at the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting when they first dealt with this,” said Zoning Committee Chairman Jim Webster.

Animal activists want the board to consider the Henson’s past history to reject the special use permit.

“They have convictions back in Rock County and Winnebago County as far back as 2000,” said activist Stephanie Hicks.  “They have citations and fines in Winnebago County as recent as 2015.  They have a pattern of behavior that doesn’t show proper care of animals.”

The facility would house 70 dogs, 40 of them being French bulldogs for breeding at their home just west of Rockford.

“We want to introduce information we feel is very relevant to making a decision to grant the Hensons special use permit,” said Jim Beam, a Winnebago County resident.

But, they might not get their wish.  Webster from the Zoning Committee says that not new information can be considered.

“This is solely to get that information from the record that was produced then June 8th,” said Webster.  “Once it leaves Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting the record is a sealed record.”

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