Winnebago County Zoning Committee Votes Against Asphalt Plant


Rockton residents, against the creation of an asphalt plant in their village, scored another victory on Wednesday.

The Winnebago County board’s zoning committee voted 6-1 against recommending the Northern Illinois Service’s plant.  This comes just two weeks after the Zoning Board of Appeals reached a split decision.

The action sets up Thursday’s big vote with the full Winnebago County board, which has the final say on whether the plant will be built.  Residents say they’re hopeful the board will side with them.

“I think there’s a good opportunity for us to come out of this real well,” said Chris Fleuckigen, a resident against the proposal.  “But, you never know how things are going to happen until the vote’s done.  So, we’ll be out here tomorrow as well.”

The plant is tentatively set to be built on Route 2 just outside Rockton.  The Winnebago  County Board meets Thursday at 6pm.

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