Winnebago couple accused of abuse bond lowered and allowed DCFS supervised visitation


The Winnebago couple, Christopher and Kathryn Williams,  accused of medically abusing their children were in court Monday for another hearing in hopes a judge would decide to lower their bonds.  Judge John Lowry did agree to lower both parents’ bonds, setting Kathryn’s at $100,000 and Christopher’s to $50,000, both at 10% payment rate.  Judge Lowry also ruled to allow both parents to see the kids only with DCFS supervision under the condition that they do not talk about the case in front of or to the kids.

Former Winnebago County State’s Attorney Paul Logli explains, “Bail does not make a judgment necessarily as to guilt or innocence.”

Family and friends of Christopher and Kathryn Williams present at the hearing were relieved after Judge Lowry lowered the bonds for the married couple.  The Williams are now out of police custody after posting a combined $15,00 bail.  A family friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, says having the Williams’ at home is just step one.

“Both Chris and Kathryn are able to do what they need to do in order to develop their case”, said the friend.

Even though the Williams’ are now out on bond, they still face a long list of charges, including the attempted murder of their two children.

“Totally overwhelmed by that level of charges against two people that really love their kids”, said the family friend.  “These folks totally love their kids. They’re totally immersed in their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in and out of the hospital. These two parents totally love their kids”.

Despite facing accusations of trying to kill their kids, the couple will be allowed to see them only under DCFS supervision.

“They may be a danger to their own children but there was no indication in the case that they were dangerous to other people.” said Logli.  “It wasn’t like they were committing armed robberies or using weapons, threatening people.”

Former Winnebago County State’s Attorney Paul Logli says he’s not surprised by the ruling to lower the Williams’ bail to a combined $15,000, especially since a lot factors played in their favor, including their job status, being homeowners, and having family in the area.

“It always helps when the accused can show that they have significant ties to the community” Logli explains.

Their next status hearing for the Williams’ is scheduled for January 30th.

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