Winnebago, Pecatonica students receive $5,000 grant from Monsanto to build robots


Students from Pecatonica and Winnebago high schools received a $5,000 grant to keep their “Winnovation Bot Shop” going.

The grant for FRC Team 1625 came from the agricultural company Monsanto. 

While team members focus on building robots, there’s a whole list of skills the “Winnovation” program develops in these young people.

“There’s kids that have ended up in all different kinds of career paths. It’s not just engineering programs [they go to] out of this,” said Brian MacLaren, “Winnovation” Board Member. They’re learning leadership skills, they’re learning manufacturing skills…just organizational, logistic skills as well.”

The adult advisors to the program tend to stay in the background and let the students run things.

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