Winnebago Sheriff and Illinois State Police are hiring


Police agencies across the stateline area are looking to fill vacant law enforcement positions, including Illinois State Police District 16 and the Winnebago County Jail.

“No matter what, we’re always having positions open in our correctional facility,” said Deputy Chief Don Gasparini.

“I think every agency is struggling with that, and we’re no different,” Illinois State Police Master Sergeant Brent Massingill said.

“The job of a corrections officer isn’t for everybody, but we also compete with other law enforcement agencies,” Gasparini said.

Gasparini adds that one reason for a high turnover rate at the jail is because many officers use their experience at the correctional facility to transfer to higher paying jobs elsewhere.

For others, its the actual workload.

“You’re working inside a corrections facility and maintaining the security and safety of the facility itself, not to mention the average daily population of 800 inmates,” Gasparini said.

Applicants for most law enforcement jobs undergo extensive background checks, medical, physical, and psychological exams, which can take months.

Massingill says the ISP says they too are struggling to fill positions.

“Out of that class that just graduated, we were slated to get one new trooper,” he said. “Unfortunately, that trooper resigned partially through the academy, so we didn’t see any new troopers out of this past class.”

Sgt. Massingill recommends people interested in law enforcement should research the job beforehand.

“It’s not like TV,” he said. “That’s not really a realistic portrayal at all. If somebody can go and do a ride-a-long, that’s a good way to go out and get your feet wet.”

To apply to for the Winnebago County Corrections Officer position, email

To apply for the Illinois State Trooper position, visit

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