Five Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies are on leave after a shootout with an armed suspect, but authorities say there will still be a continuous police presence on the streets this Halloween.

The shootout happened shortly after 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning at the Fas Fuel gas station on North Main and Halsted.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to pull over a car in which wanted man Wainer Sosa-Ancheta was inside. Ancheta was wanted on narcotics warrants in both Winnebago and Boone counties.

Investigators on the scene said Sosa-Ancheta pulled a gun on the police officers and opened fire. Five deputies returned fire, injuring Sosa-Ancheta.

Police officials say it is protocol for deputies to be placed on paid administrative leave during an officer-involved shooting investigation.

The Sheriff’s Department says the community won’t see a difference in how they police, even on Halloween.

“The fact that five deputies are on administrative leave won’t have an immediate effect on our ability to staff all necessary positions,” said Chief Deputy Mark Karner. “We’re not shorthanded, and we won’t be shorthanded on Halloween. We are going to have our regular shift assignments out on Halloween.”

Ancheta suffered serious injuries but is expected to recover.

None of the deputies were injured.