Winter Getaways at Rockford International Airport


Snow, storms, and frigid, frigid cold. That’s what AccuWeather forecasters, as well as the Old Farmer’s Almanac are predicting for this year. It’s also something Eyewitness News Meteorologist Tyler Sebree predicts will happen.

“I think we’re going to have more snowfall and we’re going to have colder temperatures than last year,” said Sebree. “Of course, we did have cold temperatures but I think there will be more of a surplus of cold temperatures in addition to additional snowfall.”

But there is a light , or rather, sunshine, at the end of this “snow-storm” tunnel. Chicago Rockford International Airport now has weekly non-stop flights to Jamaica, as well as many other destinations where it’s summer all year-round.

“Cold is good for business. From my experience, when the temperature drops, people want to get out. People say ‘get me out of here’ and the first thought is somewhere warm, hopefully Jamaica,” said Jamaica Tourist Board Business Development Manager Mark McDermoth.

“I’m glad we’re making plans to leave this area for even just a week or two,” said Stateline Resident Roger Reiss.

Beth Reiss and her husband have been doing exactly that – traveling to the Carribean for over 29 years.

“Maybe a couple (vacations) because my husband is retired now,” said Beth Reiss. “And, you know, the Farmer’s Almanac is usually correct or pretty much.”

“It’s like my way of shortening the season and it’s something to look forward to-for between the Christmas season and before Spring comes around again,” said Roger Reiss.

So, if you are looking for a good time to escape…

“If you’re looking for over the holidays, at Christmas or New Year, those are going to be a little more on the higher end, but if you’re looking after those dates, or right before, even the beginning of December, that’s a time to have some pricing done for some good deals,” said Travel Consultant for Royal Travel Kelly White.

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