Wisconsin baby delivered at Kwik Trip


(CNN) — It’s the 911 call that caught the attention of Kwik Trip lovers everywhere.

“60-41 responding to 111 Bohemia Drive. Kwik Trip in Denmark for a wife that just had a baby there in a Ford Explorer,” the scanner said.

“Well one of the nurses brought it up to us like, hey do you know that you’re on this page?,” said father Tyler Gass.

Comments on the Green Bay crime reports include, “did they remember to swipe their rewards card?” and “free glazers for life.”

A lot of people also had name suggestions like Katie, Kwik and Karuba.

“The comments were gold. I mean, people were funny, said Gass. “It was…in a stressful time, it was a nice time to have a laugh once we knew the baby was healthy.”

EMTS arrived on scene in under 10 minutes, transporting mom and baby to Bellin Hospital for care.

Little Camden Jeffrey continues to grow stronger every day in the NICU.

The Wisconsin company has played a big role in the couple’s relationship.

“We met at Kwik Trip in 2008. Her mom worked there,” Gass said. “In 2010 we started dating, and yeah. Kwik Trip has always been a big part of our lives.”

The communication specialist with Kwik Trip says this wasn’t the first baby born at the popular gas station, and adds that it is always a joy when it does happen.

There is no word if the couple will see any perks from the company, but either way, they say it is a story baby Camden will hear for years to come.

“He’ll definitely know this is how he came into the world. A little scary, but all is good now,” said mother Callie Gass.


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