Wisconsin police: Stop the naked ‘Nerf Wars’


Nerf Accustrike Series Focus Fire Crossbow, left, and Alfa Hawk Blaster, right, from Hasbro, are shown at the ninth annual TTPM Holiday Showcase, in New York, Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

(KTVX) – Most people are familiar with Nerf guns, the mostly plastic toy guns that fire off foam bullets.

While popular among kids, there are some professional realms to the toy, including leagues across the nation for children and adults alike.

But police in Wisconsin are calling for the end of an adaptation to a Nerf gun battle.

Police in Hartland, located about 25 miles west of Milwaukee, are asking parents to talk to their children about playing “Nerf Wars” games safely, and with their clothes on.

“While we encourage students to have fun we want them to play safe, and each year we have calls for students playing this game nude,” Hartland Police said Wednesday. “THIS is not ok and could be exposing themselves to children and other citizens.”

Police also encourage parents to warn their kids that, if they are playing nude, they could be arrested and issued citations.

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