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Kim Wolfe’s weekly trip to a nursing home to visit her father-in-law got her thinking about a way to help women in local nursing homes to feel loved on Mother’s Day.

“It came to me one day and I’m like, you know what? It’s a burning passion and it keeps me up at night. I’m like, you know what? I’ve got to do this,” she said.

Wolfe’s idea was to gift Mother’s Day baskets full of flowers, lotion, and a card to 50 women at the Presence Cor Mariae Center, at 3330 Maria Linden Drive.

She said she couldn’t shake the images of the women she saw there.

“In my eyes, they looked like they were kind of dead inside, and I wanted to bring that back. I want to bring the joy back out in their faces,” Wolfe said.

“Everyone who sponsors, I will put their name on the inside of the Mother’s Day card for them, so that the people will know, ‘hey, you know, a total stranger still appreciated me and I’m still worthy in this world,'” she said.

Wolfe says she decided to do something for women on Mother’s Day because the holiday holds a lot of sentiment.

“I think we get the short end of the stick,” she said. “We raise a family, we’re always taking care of the household, and people don’t appreciate what hard work women really do.”

Wolfe says that anyone who can’t spare the $20 to sponsor a Mother’s Day basket can still spend their time at a nursing home. She says that makes the best gift.

“If they could just go into a nursing home and just go in and introduce themselves and get to know the women, and maybe just spend half and hour with them, just talking and associating with them, I think that would be the best,” she said.

With a family of her own, and working two jobs, she says sacrificing her time for a cause is still worth it.

“The joy and fulfilment out of it is somehting you can’t even explain, to be doing something like this,” she said.

Wolfe is accepting $20 donations to sponsor a basket, by phone at 815-914-3171. The deadline is April 30th.

She says any left over money will be donated back to the nursing home.

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