Woman dies after emergency C-section to save daughter

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A young woman in California died after electing to have an emergency C-section in an effort to save the life of her infant daughter, despite being at high-risk for the procedure.

Charlene Flores, 27, of Fresno, complained of intense pain from contractions when she was admitted to the Community Regional Medical Center. She then told her husband to get some rest and make sure their girls got to school ok.

She called him later and told him “I need you here right now,” KFSN reported Elesandro Flores, her husband, as saying.

Charlene was told she was bleeding internally, and doctors said that in order to save her baby, she would have to have an emergency C-section.

Flores said his wife had a long history of heart problems, but she authorized the high-risk procedure to save the baby.

“So the doctors come back to me in the room saying your baby’s being worked on, your wife’s asleep,” he said. “And then (I) heard code blue. This lady comes to our door area and says, ‘We need you doctor,’ and the doctor rushes back there. And then 20 minutes later the rest of the doctors and nurses flow in the room and tell me that my wife didn’t make it but my daughter’s in an incubator getting her treatment.”

Charlene’s heart failed due to complications from the procedure.

Her daughter, Quinn, was born prematurely and will be kept in the NICU for the next month or so.

“I told my kids, you’re (an) extension of your mother,” Flores said. “You guys are women, and you guys are going to be my life, you guys are going to take that role, you guys are going to take care of me, and I know you will, and they have.”

Flores has started a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for funeral expenses for Charlene.

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