Woman Hit By Police Car Tuesday Night


Many of us have been guilty of jay walking in one way or another.  But, sometimes that can lead to dangerous situations.  And, police say that was the case last night when one of their officers hit a woman with his squad car.

People walking on the sidewalk.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be when you’re out driving on the street, but sometimes you see people crossing the street at random–many times walking out into oncoming traffic.
    Police say that was the case Tuesday night… when one of their officers hit a woman with his squad car.

John Walker, a Rockford resident said, “I saw cops stopped up there, it was between Steve’s Mart and this red brick house over next door to it.”

Walker describing the scene he saw as cop cars swarmed the 2900 block of West State Street.  He watched it happen from inside Da Catch restaurant.

“I thought it was a gunshot because in this neighborhood you hear gunshots too.”

    Even though jaywalking is a common sight on this stretch of West State, 7th ward Alderman Ann Thompson-Kelly says reports of people being hit here are very rare.

Thompson-Kelly said, “You’re looking at individuals walking to Crusader Clinic, walking to save a lot, walking to the gas station.  Various businesses that they need to have goods and services.”

She also says the city is working on a plan to make Rockford more pedestrian friendly.  Last year, a car hit a pedestrian while crossing East State Street.  The city then installed sidewalks to help reduce the amount of jaywalkers, and they plan to do the same after this incident.

Thompson-Kelly adds, “Public Works is looking at sidewalks, bike paths for this entire city.  They have not completed that study, nor have they completed that plan yet to see what it looks like; where we need to put sidewalks in where sidewalks are missing.”

The woman hurt in last night’s crash is expected to be ok.  Investigators say they’re still looking into exactly how the crash happened.

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