Woman Kidnapped, Robbed Outside of Woodman’s


A shopper is confronted in a supermarket parking lot by a gunman looking to rob her and when she didn’t have cash, police say he kidnapped her and took her to nearby ATM.

It started around 3pm Tuesday at the Woodman’s on McFarland Road.  A robbery incident in broad daylight in the parking lot of this Woodman’s grocery store.  Police say a woman returning to her car from the store, held at gunpoint by a man who forced her to drive him to a bank.

“At that bank, she was forced to withdraw money from her account and drive him back to the area of where she picked him up,” said Deputy Chief Kevin Ogden of the Rockford Police Department.

The suspect left the woman’s car without hurting her and she drove away before calling police.  Deputy Chief Ogden says detectives are now talking to nearby business owners and sifting through surveillance video.

“We have been contacted by a few people that witnessed something happening out there.  [They’ve] come forward.  We’ve interviewed a few of those people.”

Denise Nichols is the owner of Motivate Therapy, which is just up the road from Woodman’s.  She calls the incident terrifying.

“It’s not something that I’ve heard of before happening around this area and we’ve always felt safe,” said Nichols.

Nichols is surprised the robbery happened in the middle of the day in a crowded parking lot.

“A lot of us therapists come here at 6am, so it’s pitch dark and then we leave in the pitch dark.”

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