Woman Posts Sign Putting Halloween Decoration Thieves on Notice


A Loves Park home sits with a big sign in its front yard, but it’s not a for sale sign.  Instead, it’s a message to the bandits that stole Halloween decorations from Kelly Naftzger’s yard.  

“[I] couldn’t just have it be gone and that was it,” said Naftzger.  “I just said, I gotta put something out,”

The sign says: ‘”Whomever stole the decorations your selfish (and criminal) act has only ruined it for others. (Your parents must be proud) Happy Halloween XOXO’

“Their selfish actions of taking the decorations have ruined it for a lot of other people who enjoy the holiday display,” said Naftzger. 

She woke up Saturday morning, and noticed some missing decorations from her elaborate display.

“Two signs were taken, I had a really cool gothic vampire with long gray hair and a zombie baby that had a teddy bear in it’s arms and also had a sign.  So I decided at that point, to just remove all of it because I was afraid they would steal the rest.”

Because of that, Naftzger says her Halloween spirit has soured. Before, it was a tradition for visitors to stop by what everyone knew as the spider house.

“At night when they come trick-or-treating, their parents they’ll say ‘our kids, they beg us they wanted us to drive by and see your decorations,” said Naftzger. 

Halloween is Naftzger’s favorite holiday, and says the theft has taken away her own personal traditions of decorating her home.

“It’s pretty disappointing,” said Naftzger. “It’s a lot of work to put the decorations up, they cost money and a lot of people get enjoyment out of it. Whoever came by and decided to take them, they just ruined it for a lot of people.”

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