Woman records drivers being cited after blowing past stopped school bus


A Florida woman was sick of watching cars fly past the bus that stops in front of her house. This time, sheriff’s deputies were waiting.

Monica Douglas, of Pasco County, decided to take action and recorded numerous cars speeding past a stopped school bus on US 19 in Pasco County, Florida 

She sent the videos to Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, asking them to step up patrols.

This week, they took action.

As drivers sped past the school bus, sheriff’s deputies were waiting at the next intersection to cite them.

Even as deputies block traffic across the three-lane highway, vehicles continue to drive past the stopped school bus.

She posted the video to her Facebook page Wednesday morning.

The sheriff’s office confirmed 13 people were cited overall in a multi-day operation at the location.

“I hope it helps all parents and children for their safety, of them all to get their loved ones on the bus safely,” Douglas told WFLA

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