Women of childbearing age should be banned from drinking, says WHO


(WTVO) – A new global action plan from the World Health Organization says “women of childbearing age” should be prevented from drinking alcohol.

In the first draft of its global action plan on alcohol for 2022-2030, the WHO says “appropriate attention should be given” to preventing children, adolescents, pregnant women and women of childbearing age from consuming alcohol.

The report says the “impact of harmful use of alcohol” includes negative impacts on mental health, workplace productivity, family functioning and more.

According to the Daily Mail, some in the beverage industry say this plan is sexist and beyond the WHO’s authority.

Matt Lambert of the UK alcohol trade body the Portman Group spoke to the Daily Mail, saying the Portman Group is “extremely concerned” by the proposal.

“As well as being sexist and paternalistic, and potentially restricting the freedoms of most women, it goes well beyond their remit and is not rooted in science,” Lambert said.

The report also says advocacy against alcohol consumption in these age groups may succeed if supported by scientific evidence and “free from moralizing.”

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