Woodstock Celebrates Groundhog Day


    This is one of the busiest weekends for those in Woodstock. After a cult classic like Groundhog Day captured our hearts, the weekend of festivites is now a famous tourist attraction.
    Chairman of Woodstock Days Groundhog Committee Rick Bellairs says people really think about the Illinois town during the first weekend in February.

    “Woodstock is the Groundhog Day people know because of the movie,” says Bellairs.

    For Woodstock business owners and residents, this is one of their favorite times of year, to take part in the fun and it’s one of their best days to sell goods.

    “When people think Groundhog Day their vision is Woodstock & since that’s what they think of for Groundhog Day, they want to be here. And the people I talked to who came here from all over all say what a great time they had,” said Bellairs.

    Thanks to Bill Murray’s cult classic Groundhog Day, people from all over flooded Town Square to see the famous sites from the 1993 movie. Some of the prominent places are Ned’s Corner, the annoying insurance agent or the Pennsylvanian Hotel, now an Opera House.

    “Then we had heard they were filming a movie and that Bill Murray was in town and it really just made a fun time for us,” said Doug Myslenski.

     Myslenski and his wife were in Woodstock at time of filming in 1992. They came back this year with their grandkids to show them the sites during the three day weekend of activities. All three grandkids each had their own favorite parts of the movie too.

    “My favorite part of the movie is when the same day keeps coming back and they do different things,” says Molly. “It’s probably when bill murrary steps in the puddle,” says Mason. “The time when he punches ned,” said Andrew.
    Along with all the festivities, the town made famous by the movie has their own groundhog and Woodstock Willie’s prediction is good news for everyone in Illinois.
    “The groundhog [Woodstock Willie] did not see his shadow which mean Spring is right around the corner and with the weather we had last week with the windchill below zero, spring right around the corner sounds pretty good to me”, said Bellairs.
    Here’s hoping we do see an early Spring again and again and again!

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