(WTVO) — Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-16th Dist.) has been very vocal in his opposition to former President Trump and the direction of the republican party.  

The New York Times wrote an exposé on the severe pushback from his republican peers.

After the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol, 11 members of the Kinzinger family sent a handwritten two-page letter, saying he was working with “the devil’s army” for his public break with the president.

“Oh my, what a disappointment you are to us and to God!” they wrote. “You have embarrassed the Kinzinger family name!”

Karen Otto, Kinzinger’s cousin, authored the scathing letter after his vote to approve the 2020 election results. “I wanted Adam to be shunned,” she told the NYT in an interview.

“There doesn’t seem to be a camera or a microphone he won’t run to,” said La Salle County GOP chairman Larry Smith. La Salle County censured Mr. Kinzinger last month. “He used to talk to us back in the good old days.”

Kinzinger was one of only 3 House Republicans who voted both to impeach Trump and to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green from her committees.

“Central and Northern Illinois deserve an explanation and deserve my full attention, and they’ll get it,” Kinzinger told the NYT. “But to the extent I can, I will also focus on the national message because I can turn every heart in central and northern Illinois and it wouldn’t make a dent on the whole party. And that’s what I think the huge battle is.”

Read the full letter here.