You’re still required to wear a mask in Uber rides


FILE – In this Nov. 15, 2019, file photo is an Uber office in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA. Uber is giving its U.K. drivers the minimum wage, pensions and holiday pay, following a recent court ruling that said they should be classified as workers and entitled to such benefits, the company announced Tuesday, March 16, 2021. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

(WTVO)–Even if you have received your vaccination, masks are still required during public transportation–including ride-share services, according to a federal mandate by the CDC.

Uber is reminding drivers they don’t have to start their trips until the riders have their masks on. The company is also encouraging drivers to keep their doors locked until they know their customers are wearing them. If they refuse, the driver can cancel using the “no face cover or mask” policy.

If the rider removes the mask during the middle of the ride, the driver can stop at a safe location and ask them to leave the vehicle.

In a news release from Uber, they wrote:

Today, we are telling all of our drivers to:

  1. until they have verified that the riders are wearing a mask.
  2. until the rider(s) have a mask on. Remember: riders can’t rate trips that have not been started.
  3. if any riders are not wearing a mask. 

During the trip:

  1. of Uber’s mask policy. 
  2. if they’re not wearing a mask.
  3. at a safe location if they refuse to comply with the mask requirement. 

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