Youth Escort Policy Goes into Effect at Cherryvale


    The Youth Escort Policy, or “YEP,” is now in effect at Cherryvale Mall. Anyone under 18 can no longer enter the mall after 4pm on Friday or Saturday without a parent or guardian.
    Cherryvale Marketing Director Melissa Cavanagh says the move will help bring back a more “family-friendly atmosphere.”

“Friday and Saturday evenings we often saw gatherings of large numbers of youth who were really not using the shopping center for its intended purpose, which is shopping, often creating an uncomfortable environment for our other shoppers,” said Cavanagh.

This comes after a series of crime incidents at Cherryvale in the past six months; including two robberies at the Simply Mac store and two shootings.
Belvidere North High School Senior Regan Brands says the mall could benefit from the ban.

“I think it’s a good idea. The mall shouldn’t be a place where parents drop off their kids to have them babysat,” said Brands. “It shouldn’t be their responsibility to watch over kids during those times. There’s no real excuse for them not to be with them.”

Brands is 18. The ban doesn’t apply to her but she admits the new policy could have some drawbacks.

“For 16-year-old’s it can get annoying, when you have the freedom to drive there on your own, you can finally go places by yourself, then you’re not supposed to be there,” said Brands. 

Some shoppers even say the policy may not be fair.

“I do think younger kids need to be monitored more out here,” said Jacob. “But, it’s not really fair that if you’re under 18 and you can’t come here to do what you need to do, if you’re just shopping or something like that.”

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