Zion Lutheran Church Holds Rally Against Racism


About a week ago the Zion Lutheran Church was the site of vandalism when racial slurs and anti-Semitic images were spray painted on the building.  Several local churches in the Stateline came together to speak out against the vandalism and message written.

“It does no good to get hateful and angry at the people that did this,” said Pastor Scott Stolberg.  “What helps is to find a way to become a closer community because we’re strong in unity than we are in division.”

Residents like Sarah Bordenaro, gathered in front of Zion Lutheran Church on Sunday, to show community support for a rally against racism. “[We]support the community and how much we need to support each other and love each other and not hate,” said Bordenaro.

“We have this rally against hate, or rally against racism, or a rally for love,” said Stolberg. Pastor Scott wants to instill a message to the Belvidere community. “[We need to]gain awareness that there’s racist tenancies in the area that racism is still alive,” said Stolberg.

Sarah Bordenaro has been part of the Zion Lutheran Church’s congregation her whole life. She attended the rally to show solidarity. “One person is better than zero right? So, my one person, I hope I show everyone around me that it’s worth it. Just come by yourself, I have everyone else behind me as well standing with me, its just not me,” said Bordenaro

The vandalism has since been removed by recent high school graduate, Jordan Carlson.  Although Carlson is not a member of the church, he went to the rally and saw the faces of the people he helped.  “I felt really proud that we were able to do something to make this many people happy” Jordan says.

Pastor Scott hopes the rally will invite a dialogue to overcome racism while uniting the community. “Loving each other first and then finding out how we can talk about our differences instead of acting out against that which scares us,”said Stolberg.

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